Still Manafort

This such a nothingburger of a story, one has to wonder who keeps pushing it and for what purpose. The pollsters hired by any candidate to spread disinformation and make predictions that please the person who hired them, have nothing to do with the votes that are collected and tabulated by public officials during an election.

Manafort and his chronies in the international Republican Institute had been trying to manipulate voter attitudes, under the guise of “promoting democracy,” all over the globe for decades.
Calling biased data collection “polling” is deceptive. But then referring to the process of hiring public servants as a “race” is deceptive. No wonder people are confused. Civics is no longer taught in the schools.
Why not? Probably because yhe last thing the self-designated political elites want is people knowing how self-government works. They thought letting people rubber stamp a preselection was about as democratic as they wanted to be. The upstarts introduced by the Working Families Party in New York, for example, need to be ignored, if they can’t be dumped.
Why the Treasury is tracking private campaign data is a question that might be asked. Maybe the data was accompanied by an illegal money transfer? Russia is so hard up for dollars, it is selling gold.