There is something truly ironic about titling a recollection of Bartram’s explorations of the southern climes “Cultivating the Wild.” What we definitely do not need is more cultivation of the wilderness. Culture, after all is coercive.

But, the issue today is that I am not made for U.S. culture. The theory is great, but the execution sucks. Mendacity abounds. I am increasingly unable to get over the extent to which the lying Trump is exemplary of the culture. The big lie is entirely consistent with Make America Great.. A small lie would be out of step.

Mendacity, prevarication, advertising, generating a false sense of confidence. The question is why. Why create a fantasy when reality need not be bad?

What is the point of making human beings feel powerless? I have never felt powerless. I think back to the religious revival service in a tent when I was ten year old. The children were advised this was an opportunity to be saved. I explained that, as a Catholic, I did not need to be saved because I was baptized as a babe. (Come to think of it, I have no evidence; only an assumption based on what I was taught at Saint Cecilias). Anyway, here in the southland, religious services consume a good portion of three days a week trying to get people saved. Why? To make sure they stay properly intimidated and ever ready to do what it takes to make themselves feel important, if only as long as it takes to make a purchase and discard the evidence? Trashing the environment with man-made debris is part of the culture, I am convinced. Not incidental.

For a while I thought trashing the environment might be intended as a sort of generalized KEEP OUT message. But more recently I’m thinking the casual deposition of disposables is a consequence of the dissatisfaction the consumables produced. “Purchasing power” is a grand deception.

What does that mean in the context of purchasing political folk?

Anyway, the commercial class has turned the exchange of goods and services into a power play, an opportunity to exploit without getting penalized. The clever predator may well be the instrument of his own demise. And it is mainly a HE.