Pundit Announcement

“Black Voters are Silenced, Again.”

Some people tend to be rather myopic. Fact is that the female electorate has never been particularly welcome in the political arena. But, disfemism is still an unmentionable. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that even the proponents of civil rights in the 1960s expected womento continue to follow the lead of their fathers and spouses and were grossly distressed when women insisted on affirmative action in the workplace and in financial matters, as well as when they accessed the ballot.

There were predictions that if women were paid for their labor, men would be paid less. And so it came to be. Every working person got paid less than they need to sustain themselves and reproduce the next generation. Then the average life expectancy dropped and so did the reproductive rate. If there had been no immigration in 2019, the population of the U.S. would have shown a drop. Just wait until the census data come out!