Trump Attack on Federal Regulation of Commerce and Industry

The effort had some merit but not as Trumpists intended.

Fact is, the assumption that record keeping would protect the environment and prevent pollution was wrong. The assumption that development is a positive for man or nature was wrong. Applying the presumption of probity to artificial persons, which are set up to evade responsibility, was wrong.

We need to start over. Corporations, which are authorized by agents of government are, ipso fact, subsidiaries of the state and should be governed by similar specific duties and obligations as are outlined in Federal and state charters. They are known amoral creations and need to be treated as such.

Record keeping is important, but it is just a start. Also, the primacy of commercial interests has to be negated. Middlemen can serve a purpose, but it has to be closely defined. Churning the market is not beneficial.

The notion that currency would serve as an automatic regulator, as the moral sense presumably guides humans was also wrong. Ditto for the notion that money is evil. A measure is not an enforcement tool. Form and function are distinct.