Nearing the end of March

What’s up?
They are building a house on the marsh opposite our house. Good thing I favored the bushes and trees on the other side of the road, so we do not have to see it from our family room. There used to be tall, dead pines on the lot where the egrets roosted, but those got blown down by the various hurricanes. Egrets, herons, osprey and owl have had to find other roosts.

Blueberries have almost finished flowering on Canal Road and are putting out little green berries. There will be a good crop somebody has to pick.

Puddy is getting quotes for a metal roof on his new shed and looking to hire a digger with a small machine to enlarge his new ditch/pond.

We are looking to buy a vehicle with an automatic transmission that will not stress Puddy’s left knee. There may be a Subaru in Hinesville. We will want to visit the Playground in Durham his summer. I need to get my shots. LOL