Benjamin Charles Rosenthal, 1992-2021

We are sorry to learn of Benjamin’s untimely death. He provided much manpower for Puddy’s Playground in Durham and maintained it after we moved away.

Benjamin Charles Rosenthal
Durham, NH – Benjamin Charles Rosenthal, 28, of Woodridge Road died unexpectedly on March 22, 2021 at his home in Durham.
Benjamin, our gift from God, his spirit, returned to God who gave it on March 22, 2021. First and foremost Benjamin was a Christ man, a Christian who loved the Lord. He chose to be baptized at and was a member of the Durham Evangelical Church. Benjamin saw the world black and white, right, and wrong, and struggled with the confusion, compromise, and ways and pressures of this world. He was a quiet, sensitive, disciplined, hard-working, honest, polite, respectful, considerate, and conscientious young man with strong feelings and opinions.