Rexpublicans are unhappy with the Rescue Act

So, they are filing law suits against the Biden Administration to prevent the directions in the legislation being followed. I can see why, but I have no sympathy. Letitia James’ lawsuits actually had a basis in fact. Rexpublicans are just being copy cats.

Why? Because there is a significant difference between “providing” a social safety net and infrastructure improvements and “regulating” commercial entities. What has happened recently is that the latter, which historically served to promote the interests of commerce and industry, have started to take a broader perspective and to impose regulations that restrain. And that is what commerce and industry object to.

That said, since all corporate entities are in actuality subsidiaries of the states which authorize their creation, there is nothing to preclude states from imposing restraints that may or may not be consistent with operations in a particular state. Commerce and industry might well find it preferable to operate under a single federal standard than open themselves up to state controls. So, they should be careful what they ask for.

Are we going to go back to the days when commerce and industry were king? Very unlikely, if only because the results are not advantageous to anyone. U.S. enterprise is no longer able to rely on force or the force of law to succeed in the global economy. If they want to be international players, they had better shape up. The “free enterprise” championed by Republicans has been outed as a scam.