Why Republicans and Bankers are Friends.

Both Republicans and Bankers are lazy people who need others to give them money to buy what they
need. Congress critters need bankers to buy them friends, so they funnel money to the bankers for nothing and then bankers charge a markup to generate profits for themselves.

It’s a symbiotic relationship. Democrats are inclined to by-pass the bankers and cut into their profits. Dodd/Frank, the insurance and financial regulation bill put a real crimp into bankers’ enterprise by, in effect, prohibiting gambling with the money in individual savings and checking accounts. The result has been stability at the expense of gambling success.

More recently there has been another wrinkle in that so-called consumers have been refusing to spend both earned and borrowed funds. Where bankers used to be reluctant to lend to working people, they now find that nobody much wants to borrow from them.