Republicans shunning COVID relief

It is not because there is a Democrat in the White House.

Truth is that, since the election is over, there are no votes to buy. Besides that, the first relief effort did not have the desired results. Republicans lost the White House and the Senate. People did not vote as they were supposed to. Moreover, instead of spending the relief money and boosting the commercial sector, people paid down their debts and put money into savings accounts. Why should they have more, if they will not spend?

The Reagan era introduced the consumer economy in which production, trade and consumptions was all to be driven by people propagandized into buying things. It started with prompting people to sell off their older residential assets and “moving up” into more moder, spacious and less durable abodes which would, in turn, prompt the acquisition of more goods (of lower quality) to fill the space and need replacing soon.

Failure by design to artificially spur economic growth. By 2000, this consumer economy was running on empty. Houses were being built for people who could not maintain them on paltry salaries and the regular recession planned for 2008 to take short term profits turned into a crash from which the country still has not recovered mainly because Capitol Hill misallocated the distribution of money via its tax and spending policies–policies that were always designed to keep old timers in office and wield power on committees.

Those policies were failing and, in 2018, the population of the House was 50% newcomers. And Pelosi had the wisdom to let newcomers have significant committee assignments and demonstrated to the public a sincere commitment to democracy. In 2020 we finished the job and, with the help of the pandemic five decades of financial mismanagement will be undone. We need to get back to manufacture and let commerce take a back seat. Moving junk around via Walmart has not proved salutary.

So, the consumer economy is done and so is the hegemony of the commercial sector. It almost seems as if democracy and commerce are antagonists. We will see. One is reminded that Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt to get rid of him. That only worked for a while. Jesus was sold for twenty pieces of silver and then killed. That, too, only worked for a while. Liberty will not be permanently restrained.

How is liberty manifest? By people walking. How can they be made to stay in place? That is the conundrum. Why are people wanted to stay in place? So they can be exploited.