The cost of King v. Marcy

I’ve got the invoices for legal services defending Glynn County against the suit. The specific services delivered by private counsel are blanked out in the interest of attorney/client privilege. However, since the citizens of Glynn County are the clients, the redaction is questionable.
Of course, it is possible that the County Attorney, like some of our police, thinks he works for the Board of Commissioners, much as William Barr seemed to think he worked for Donald Trump.

So, how much did it cost us to deprive Ms. King of her right to be secure in her abode? $46,431.30 for the lawyers hired to defend Glynn County and two and half years of court time.

Richard K. Strickland served as timekeeper at at rate of $165 per hour. “Valuable work.”

If the officers got deposed, they doubless were paid for their time, as well.