Why do I call it thievery? Because the sales tax payers are not going to get what was promised last time or next. The financial fraternity is looking for dollars that can be used for speculation–like the loans that were extended to Trump.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

​Although a Special Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax is an ingenious means for raising badly needed funds for any municipality, in the case of Glynn County, it might better be termed a SPECIAL-INTEREST Local-Option Slush Fund Tax insofar as any historic benefit to the poor of Brunswick, Georgia, is concerned. Brunswick is the poorest city in Georgia, where poor people pay into SPLOST with every single retail item we buy, and yet receive nothing in return for it. In fact, there is no public allocation specific to the relief of poverty here, and if the Democratic Party of Georgia is not an advocate for the poor, please suggest to us where we may more efficaciously raise this simple logic.

Example: Most SPLOSTS have gone for roads and bridges, which are not special-purpose projects at all, for these are already the natural responsibility of the county. We, the poor of Brunswick, already pay ad taxes to the county for such purposes, and historically have received nothing at all for them. A case in point is the last SPLOST, which was to be use for a convention center in Brunswick that we were neither needed nor received; instead, the money went to pickle-ball courts on Saint Simons, while the remainder was left in public coffers as little more than a discretionary slush fund for the capricious whims of the various commissioners to curry political favor.

​How might these funds have been better allocated in terms of equity and justice?

Perhaps a means to promote business start-ups that would allow the poor of Brunswick to benefit from our tourism industries in ways other than kitchen help and landscaping. Our Downtown Development Authority provides a ready template for how development forces might be arrayed to promote on behalf of poor entrepreneurs, not in any sense as a handout, but a guiding hand up. Certainly, county-sponsored recreational programs might offer such guidance to gifted candidates from the poorer sectors. A Poor People’s Commission could be formed, much as any planning commission, to advise on such matters. We urge the Glynn County Democratic Party to publicly oppose the passage of any SPLOST until some justice and equality of opportunity can come to guide political philosophy

​In this brief shining moment of Democratic ascendancy, we beg from you a bold and definitive public statement in support of those for whom we advocate.

Sincerely yours,

Zack Lyde
Christian pastor representing the PPPP