Roots of the insurrection

Donals Trump was under the impression that he’s in charge.

People do not get themselves elected, any more than they get themselves hired. The false attribution of agency is a logical flaw that, all too often, the popular press engages in.

Nevertheless, it creates a wrong impression of potency and responsibility and is akin to “blaming the victim,” another widespread habit. The purpose it serves is to disguise responsibility and, consequently, the ability to prevent a repetition effectively.

If one does not know who did something, it is not possible to stop them from doing it again. This is particularly detrimental in a society that is committed to responsive, rather than pre-emptive, law enforcement.

So, in a sense, the false attribution of agency serves to undermine the principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” If the guilty cannot be properly identified, then there is a temptation to impose universal restraints. There is no liberty when that happens.