Snow Stories

We have not had a freeze in years. Tonight calls for 9 with snow. Wow. Scary. Shopped for rest of week. Wrapped pipes filled tub downstairs. Lots of drinking water. Made gumbo and chuck roast. Lots of veggies and chicken pieces for chicken soup. Baking our favorite cake and berries in freezer for quick cobbler.

That is scary, Jere. (didn’t mean to rhyme)
Hope you don’t get any freezing rain that brings down limbs on powerlines, etc.
We had a touch of nearly freezing weather a few weeks ago, but nothing froze.
Right now, we’ve been having a lot of rain.

It would be interesting to know what the low in Anaconda was last night. My guess is probably -10 to -15F. Here, we had our first snow (approximately 9 inches) this winter, but the temperatures have been relatively mild (mid- and upper-20s). I shoveled snow yesterday that predictably was not light and fluffy. Clearly, much of the really cold air is being shunted off to the north and then east. Good luck with the pipes.

2/16/21 Anaconda, MT temperature is 16° F