Victim preferences

It is quite often observed that people “play the victim card,” as if they like that role in life. I do not agree. However, it does seem that victims of unjust behavior prefer to believe that they are being specially targeted and that, somehow makes them feel important. So, they hold on to their victimization instead of targeting the abusers to make them stop. It ends up being a mutual validation society.

I suppose preferring to be complaining victims entails less risk than taking restraining action, which might fail. My problem is that willing victims cannot be helped. Indeed, they do not want to be helped. What they want is empathy and commiseration.

COMMISERATION is not my thing. Shared misery. Disgusting.

How does the announcement of aggressive serve to gain compliance? “Kommst Du nicht willig dann brauch ich Gewalt.” This sentence continues to haunt me. It is the mode Donald Trump regularly deployed without actually perpetrating an assault.

How do we find him guilty of intimidation, if the suckers are rightly excused? The obedient crowd became viscious.