Aging Matinee Idol

When I was sixteen, my father took me to a sort of night club which featured an aging Chanteuse with very drooping boobs. She was too pathetic to be gross in the mind of a sixteen year old, but I have never been able to figure out what possessed the regular clientele to patronize that dive. It was obviously a going concern and my father knew what to expect.

Archie Rice in “The Entertainer,” as played by Lawrence Olivier is a male version. Poor Donald is the 21st Century version–a has-been matinee idol strutting across the stage.

Ah, the myth of the self-made/destroyed hero lives.
Poor Donald is an aging matinee idol whose audience got tired of his schtick.
Why promote the myth? To sucker more candidates for the job. Why did Biden keep trying? ‘Cause he’s got a workman’s ethic. There is a job to be done AND he knows where the bodies are buried.
Why is the Pentagon bolstered with dozens of civilian advisory boards? They provide the permanent link to the military contractors in all fifty states that funnel the regular stream of federal dollars to secure the electoral base. Most of the military industrial complex is not focused on intervention or access to foreign lands. Rather, it serves to secure Congress’ electoral base and defend it from the stampeding herd.
That Capitol Hill is antagonistic towards the electorate is a reality that needs to be exposed. Trump actually aimed his followers in the right direction, but his timing was off.