How to account for dense Senators

Lindsey Graham seems not to have read the Article of Impeachment.
An account can be either written or oral. What if someone cannot tell the difference and understands neither?

Audio-dependent people rely on the spoken word because they cannot understand what they read. Being functionally illiterate does not mean one has a visual handicap, but a cognitive deficit. Whether these individuals (30% of our adult population) understand what they hear any better is questionable, but immeasurable.
How many people get recruited for public service because they are keen to speak, to “pronounce the words as they have been pronounced” to them? Sarah Palin got her start as a sports reporter because she could read the stats off the prompter quickly enough so it seemed she had all that information in her head. You have to watch a person with a photographic memory read a book by slowly turning the pages and recite what is written on any given page without knowing what it means.
Trump and Graham got elected by the same people, the same way—by speaking their language. The advantage of being audio dependent and oral is that, until the advent of universal recording devices, what people said was gone with the wind and “words could never hurt” them. Free speech meant no consequence.
There is something ironic in the fact that while the U.S. legal system is all codified in written documents and charges and evidence are all on paper, when a matter gets into court, the arguments and testimony are mostly oral and judgements are based on the credibility of those who testify.
It is ironic, but also detrimental. Because the people familiar with the system, the cops, prosecutors and defense attorneys can afford to fudge the evidence, relying on oral and visual presentation to convince judge and jury. Indeed, when judges instruct juries they emphasize their reliance on what they saw and heard. What witnesses provide is all predigested. So, we have had over a hundred released from death row because they were actually innocent of their crimes? How did this happen? Innocent people refuse to admit to what they did not do. Crooks are smart enough to bargain for a better deal.