On the matter of the Comptroller of the Currency

My perspective?

Agents of government, especially the federal ones, are tasked with responding to demands for service equitably, without favor or discrimination. This requirement conflicts with some/many representatives to curry favor with certain constituents and disfavor others.
So, the proposal in 1913 to relieve Congress of the task of providing direct supervision of the currency into the economy by setting up the Federal Reserve Bank to carry out that function, perhaps the first great example of privatization, was a welcome innovation and relieved Congress of responsibility. The bankers were of course keen to have access to free money they could lend out for a fee.
After all, that is the main purpose of the free market—to take free goods to market for a profit.
While the bankers had to be bailed out several times and experienced periodic recessions that were referred to as natural cycles and because accumulation is easier than disbursement, starting in about the year 2000, the economy became increasingly unstable, unproductive and speculative. By 2008 it was easy for a few banks to engineer a crash and, though new legislation made some corrections to mitigate on-going bank failures, the country never recovered completely.
Perhaps, if Congress had been more forthcoming and acknowledged its responsibility for managing the currency, the recovery would have reversed the erosion of individual household wealth. But, because Congress was unwilling to surrender the all-powerful POTUS myth, that was not permitted while the Democrat was on the throne.
Then came Donald Trump, the pseudo-populist who had Wall Street by the balls and promised to play the royal clown while Congress doubled down to secure its clout. And then came the virus and shut the country down and Congress had to admit that it does indeed have charge of the currency and authorized the disbursement of trillions to prove it. Now, despite risking being exposed as having engineered decades of deprivation, Congress is too late to save anything. Banks are swimming in money nobody wants to borrow. People are churning the real estate market and putting their profits in the banks and credit unions to get rid of loans. Banks are paying people to open credit card accounts. They are offering lower loan rates to refinance just to get the revenue from fees. The money in individual savings or checking accounts cannot be used for higher interest speculative loans people like Trump take out.
Bottom line. Things will never be the same again and there is little for the Comptroller of the Currency to do. The founders included the currency in the same chapter as the regulation of weights and measures. Our currency is supposed to be a utility, not an instrument of social control. Tax collection is supposed to be an auditing function; not a mechanism to distribute rewards and punishments.