AOC on the aftermath and more

*** FYI, the myth that those who love tRUMP are on the economic anxiety list… well… many who stormed the Capitol were off-duty POLICE OFFICERS and active MILITARY flashing badges and ID, FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, State legislators, Mayors, Attorneys, CEOs, Teachers, several retired Air Force, including the woman killed, a real estate agent who flew in with pals in a private jet, son of a NY state Supreme court justice, Firefighters, Doctors, an Olympic gold medalist and well paid Tech guys.

This is a list for prosperity that I will try to keep up to date. I am not going to embed URLs so do not ask me to. I presently have severe arthritis in my back and arms. I am sure you can survive copying and pasting a URL if I can survive the many hours of pain to make the damn list. I highlighted titles as well as important bits and pieces so can you see if you already know everything on here. It is also scheduled to appear on the 14th and my avatar is on a timeout for replies. If there are typos… I will get to them if you let me know.

GOP afraid to impeach… are… compromised
VIDEO: Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.) says majority of GOP “paralyzed with fear” : “I had a lot of conversations with my Republican colleagues. … A couple of them broke down in tears … saying that they are afraid for their lives if they vote for this impeachment.” Crow says welcome to the club as Dems have been getting threats since day one. They made the monster and now fear for their lives? It is their job to do what is right by the Constitution and country, and to make tough decisions.

Yet Pelosi, who just had her Capitol office overturned and ransacked and a pig’s head on a pike placed on her private home property wore the same dress as last time… An “IMPEACHMENT DRESS” worn specifically for the double impeachment,

*Parler has a Russian background*
Twitter thread Nov 13, 2020: “Founder John Matze met his now wife, Alina Mukhutdinova, in May 15, 2016 in Las Vegas. Alina is from Kazan, Russia. She was on a two week road trip “vacation” across the USA with a friend.” They got married in Russia. A month after their July 2018 return, they launched Parler with Jared Thomson. Dan Bongino insists he owns Parler. Jeffrey Wernick has said he is an investor. Mercer’s daughter is an investor. They promote Epoch Times. owned by Falun Gong, and aligned with Steve Bannon’s buddy Guo Wengui. And holy shit… “ a preliminary analysis of the first several thousand accounts on Parler shows that it is the usual Russia aligned operatives that we in this space have tracked for years. This is a large scale op aligned with Russian interests.” AND even more holy shit…

Bongino is the name behind the app… but so is an LLC… “It seems NDMASCENDANT LLC was filed by Greenberg Traurig, LLP. If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s Rudy Giuliani’s former firm. He was traveling in Russia and the region at the time Parler was founded in late 2018.”

November: Fox News advanced rumors that Parler was owned by George Soros, when in fact a major investor is Rebekah Mercer…

Jan 11, Parler is no longer being carried by Apple and Google and Amazon has shut down the web server hosting.

WHOA! A tracker has been downloading Parler’s info. Parler is so amateur it had no defense for user’s info to be secured.

Dopey Glenn Greenwald says. “Do you know how many of the people arrested in connection with the Capitol invasion were active users of Parler? Zero. See next post…

At least 20 Parler users have been charged. “At least several users of the far-right socialnetwork Parler appear to be among the horde of rioters that managed to penetrate deep inside the U.S.Capitol building and into areas normally restricted to the public, according to GPS metadata linked to videos posted to the platform the day of the insurrection in Washington.”

There is also a map of where their Parler metadata shows users were located:

Insurrectionists Terrorists Militia wannabes are planning armed marched Jan 16, 17 and 20th
“The planning for the January 16 and 17 militia events in DC is quite specific. They want at least 15k people and if they achieve that they plan to block Democrats from entering the Capitol, allowing only Republicans through. Here’s where they plan to meet.”

WARNING (AP) — FBI bulletin warns of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and in Washington ahead of Biden inauguration. Here is a poster reminding them to come armed:

Hmmm… the excuses for not being ready for an onslaught of Q, Proud Boys, “militia” and MAGA
Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund says he was worried about the size of the Jan. 6 Trump protest crowd two days before and asked for the D.C. National Guard to be put on standby—but was rebuffed by the House and Senate sergeants at arms. In an interview with The Washington Post, Sund, who has since resigned in the wake of the deadly riot, said the House sergeant at arms was concerned about the “optics” of such a move. Sund also told the Post that when he called the Pentagon in the midst of the riot with an “urgent, urgent immediate request for National Guard assistance,” an Army official turned him down. “I don’t like the visual of the National Guard standing a police line with the Capitol in the background,” the official reportedly said.

Here is a picture of the and tRUMP hired ICE etc… at the Capitol during the peaceful BLM protests…

Thislawyer has 442 incidents with video…. of Police /National guard violence in summer of 2020. At least 8 people lost eyes. One was wearing high end goggles used for welding.

Was it an INSIDE JOB? Evidence is racking up
The Capitol has a system whereby anyone with electronics can be traced and tracked even if they did not turn on their devices…

Jan 05: Democratic Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, one of the co-signers of the letter, confirmed to CNN that she saw groups of tours of people in MAGA apparel one or two days before the attack.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a Democrat from New Jersey, alleged that members of Congress led tours of rioters on a reconnaissance mission the day before the attack on the Capitol, 31 members of Congress sent a letter to the acting House Sergeant of Arms, acting Senate Sergeant of Arms, and acting chief of the US Capitol Police asking them to investigate the matter further.

“I had seen what appeared to be tour groups of folks dressed in MAGA attire, in the halls, in the tunnels” Scanlon told CNN. “I don’t know exactly what day it was. It was just surprising to see that happen because since Covid the building’s been shut down. There aren’t supposed to be any tours. So I kind of assumed it must be a new member who didn’t know the rules or something. But, I mean, I can verify that it happened. There were people who were roaming around in the halls, apparently under the guidance of congressional staff.”

VIDEO: Repeated talk of the plan and specific destinations… “The attack on the Capitol was coordinated and planned. Here are the insurrectionists talking about the plan, including detailed schematics of the Capitol building.”

Two US Capitol Police officers have been suspended for their alleged roles in the mob violence that took place at the US Capitol last week, according to Congressman Tim Ryan. “One was the selfie officer and another was an officer that put a MAGA hat on that started directing some people around.” Betweeen 10 and 15 are under investigation…

This Capitol police officer who seems to be directing people to come on in:

Mark Sumner adds more: One day before insurgents took the Capitol and went in search of congressional hostages, that is exactly what Republican organizations across the nation told them to do. As Media Matters shows, multiple Republican organizations were directly calling on those attending the Jan. 6 event to “Occupy the Capitol.” That message came from organizations in (at least) Texas, Oregon, Georgia, and North Carolina.

VIDEOS of Terrorists who stormed the Capitol
*** VIDEO: The video of how the crowd began and ended with storming the capitol.

*** VIDEO: The person who threw a fire extinguisher that may be the one who killed the officer is here:

*** VIDEO: “This is what the pro-Trump mob did to American law enforcement officers after the President incited a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.” (warning, graphic video of a police officer in pain and nearly crushed) I still cannot watch it in entirety…

*** Video of destruction and mayhem. tRUMP rally had more security than the capitol and would not allow in backpacks.

*** Video of MAGAs beating a police officer with US flag as crowd Chant USA, USA, USA…

***More video of riots including oathkeepers making their way up steps. 2-way radios found, they had ear pieces, bear spray, flash bangs found. Shows lynching platform and noose.

*** Bellingcat uploaded videos they found on Parler, 5 of them … let play in succession and they will add more when found:–4f90ja7xShfORhnlvnvHaG05zj

*** IMPORTANT! VIDEO REMINDER of disabled carried away from their wheelchairs and arrested in 2017. “Arrests? Only 15 yesterday. Contrast with 2017 when 140 were arrested in the Capitol building for peacefully protesting cuts to Medicaid. They were mostly disabled so yeah they were peaceful protests.”

FBI and DOJ finally brief the public
ONLY 100 people had been arrested up to Jan 11. WTF?

*** UPDATE: As of Jan 12, 100,000 bits of video were submitted by FBI and 170 Case Files Opened into Capitol Riot Probe. They are asking for more. DOJ, FBI briefing on pro-Trump Capitol riot.

FYI… Tagging or @ing FBI does nothing. You need to find your nearest FBI office and make a report. Or call with a tip. They do not accept emails.…

Range of laws violated include: Seditious conspiracy is most serious and includes even ETTEMPTS to interfere with the central functions of our government or even delay it which was done, solicitation by anyone who “solicit[ed], command[ed], induce[d], or otherwise endeavor[ed] to persuade” other people to participate in the insurrection, Homicide & Assault is for anyone who even threatened to assault, Possession of Firearms & Explosives will be brought against those caught but they were let go and not searched FFS… Interstate Travel in Aid of Racketeering which should apply to those who hired buses and made threats… Restricted-Area Violations can be higher for anyone not leaving, Local D.C. Vandalism & Trespassing Provisions which have been the most charged thus far by local law enforcement as it is the least of them. Other charges take more time…

***The technology at the Capitol can track who you were and where you were:

Insurrectionists … Terrorists who stormed the Capitol Jan 06
Russian: WTAF? Russian Serhiy Dybynyn has ties to Ukranian Doneski/Russia battle…

Russian: WTAF? Kristina Malimon is Russian, also works for TPUSA and is responsible for many people at the march and more? She is from Portland Oregon and yet served as a Republican poll watcher in Georgia? How is that possible? Her fake information about voter fraud was used as part of the tRUMP claim of fraud: “Claiming to have seen voting machines and tabulation computers in Savannah, Georgia, with suspiciously blinking green lights she interpreted as a sign they were being secretly controlled by outside hackers — a claim debunked as false by GOP election officials in the state.”

“At least 25 people are under investigation for terrorism related to Wednesday’s siege at the Capitol, according to a Defense official and a member of Congress… The official said some troops – active and reserve duty – may have been involved in the riot”

The U.S. Army’s 1st Special Forces Command is investigating Capt. Emily Rainey’s involvement in the Wednesday rally. The 30-year-old psy ops officer told the AP she led 100 members of Moore County Citizens for Freedom who traveled to Washington to “stand against election fraud”

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Larry Rendall Brock, Jr., a Texas-based Air Force Combat Veteran, breached the Senate. He claims he never went 10 feet near her office, yet, there is video of him leaving Nancy Pelosi’s outer chamber of her office.

Police: 2 Rocky Mount VA police officers, Thomas Robertson and Jocob Fracker, on administrative leave after attending DC rally. Thomas Robertson sounds like a fake militia member in his free time… Some of his social media posts are here!

Police: The Houston Police Department says they’ve identified one of their officers, an 18 year veteran of the department, as having penetrated the Capitol last Wednesday.

Police Q: Detective Jennifer Gugger, Philidelpia, posted on facebook a p[icturwe og Q on the Lincoln memorial, saying that the storm has arrived just before the storming of the Capitol. She was also there. She does security background checks on police recruits FFS!!

VIDEO: Dr. Tammy Towers Parry. Confesses on camera and compares herself to the founding fathers… She’s a Family Medicine Doctor in Seattle, Washington.

VIDEO: Dr. Simone Gold fired months ago for false and dubious claims related to the pandemic. There is no evidence she even works in a COVID hospital as she claims. So she claims and whines about being fired when on FOX, but where was she fired from??

More on Dr. Simone Gold. She has backing of her grifting group ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ who are politically motivated by CNP and the Tea Party and TPUSA (Koch). The Doctors involved in this grifter group also got PPP and other small business loans! How? Here she is at a rally in DC leading up to the terrorist attack at the Capitol. She and partner in crime, John Strand, filmed themselves in the Capitol.

VIDEO: Aaron Mostofsky—the son of Brooklyn New York Kings County Supreme Court Judge Shlomo Mostofsy (D)

Christine Priola, Cleveland Ohio school employee resigned. In her resignation letter she said she will be “switching paths”to expose the “global evil of human trafficking and pedophilia.”

Will Pepe, 31, from Beacon, NY worked at Metro-North’s Brewster rail yard in upstate New York for 7 years earning $74,000-a-year but decided to CALL OUT SICK to attend the riots. He is now suspended

VIDEO: Josiah Colt is CEO of FunnelCraftco in Boise with a job history in digital marketing and advertising, a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and volunteer work for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America as “a positive role model and example for the troubled youth.”

“Five-time Olympic swimming medallist Klete Keller was charged Wednesday with participating in a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol after video emerged that appeared to show him among those storming the building last week. The brain dead athlete wore his team jacket into the Capotol, FFS!

Lonnie Coffman, 70, an Alabama grandfather drove to Washington to attend Trump’s “Save America Rally” in a pickup packed with an assault rifle, three handguns and 11 Mason jars filled with homemade napalm, according to court filings.

Jennifer Harrison from Arizona, leader of Arizona’s Patriot movement. Also recently charged with felony identity theft.

Eric Gavelek Munchel, Tennessee, entered the capitol with his mother… carrying very expensive dual wrist zip ties (Flex cuffs) made to tie people up with…

Jake Lang seems to be proud he was infiltrating and climbing on the Capitol. He says you “ain’t seen nothing yet.” That is a threat.

Y’all Queda/ Talibangelicals VS ISIS and Taliban
and the list continues:

Doug Jensen Q, Iowa; Richard Barnett, Arkansas; Adam Johnson, Florida (Lectern thief); Tim Gionet, AKA Baked Alaska, Jacob Anthony Chansley (AKA Jake Angeli wore fur and horns), Arizona ; Michael Thomas (recently released from a Florida prison for attempted murder) Florida; Tara Coleman Q, Pennsylvania, Nicholas R. Ochs, Proud Boys, Hawaii; Jay Robert Thaxton, Proud Boys, North Carolina; William Arthur Leary,Infowars, NY; Kristina Malimon, TPUSA and Roger Stone mentored, Oregon; Brad Rukstales, Ill, Kevin Loftus (In it to win it guy) Wisconsin, Robert Keith Packer (Auschwitz camp shirt) Virginia

Insurrectionists/COUP /Terrorists/Seditionionists
had HELPERS in high places
tRUMP, as he stood near the Capitol, egging on the sedition said, “”You have to show strength & you have to be strong…We fight like hell & if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore…We’re going to the Capitol!”

When it was over, tRUMP was compelled by staff to ask them to go home in a tweet. He did, but called them “special” and said he “loved” them. Does he still love them after finding out the damage and that they smeared feces in the halls of Congress? The answer is yes, but he was also compelled to say in a video shortly after that they would be prosecuted for doing what he asked them to do… ultimately, some will come to see him in a different light when they see jail time and hefty fines, but many will not.

tRUMP tweeted before Christmas “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th, Be there, will be wild!” and, “On December 31, Trump retweeted an article by the broadcaster Mark Levin insisting that Congress could decide the election on its own.” The usual circle jerk of tweets, propaganda and circle jerk retweets in the echo chamber s of social media. The anti defamation league sent 1,000 posts they flagged, warning of the COUP “storm.”

And after telling the to “stand back and stand

by” they obeyed… “We are everywhere,” a Proud Boys Telegram channel posted Jan. 6, a post reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. “Things will get difficult soon but don’t lose heart. We are growing and our unity will terrify the evil elites running this nation.”

Besides the hour long call to the Georgia Sec of state, the week before… Trump urged Georgia’s lead elections investigator to “find the fraud” in a lengthy December phone call.

REMINDER: “This campaign email was in JUNE. It was a fundraising email recruiting people to the “Trump Army” and offering a “Limited Edition Camo Keep America Great” hat. What does the Trump Army do? It is “the President’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB”

*** Seth Abramson analyzes the speech before the insurrection: “Media has yet to do a deep dive on precisely what Trump *said* in his January 6 speech in DC—a speech now called an “incitement to insurrection,” and the basis for an article of impeachment coming Monday.” He is always way too verbose and puts me to shame, but man, he digs to show you what you almost assuredly MISSED in the speech.

*** Jan 11, in cowardly fear, Pence is refusing to use the 25th Amendment, even though he was a main target of the insurrectionist’s ire. The GOP are whining about being called seditionists and are still trying to blame Dems, Antifa and Obama…and whomever may pop into their smooth brains. Once they can no longer use their destructive name calling and calls to “fight” the “war” against Dems and “Communism” the wankers wallow in whining self-pity and victimhood!

“Democrats introduce impeachment article charging Trump with ‘incitement of insurrection’ as House Republicans block resolution calling on Pence to invoke 25th Amendment.” West Virginia Republican Rep. Mooney objects, blocked the request for 25th.

Article of impeachment will be introduced. Documents here:

*** On Jan 6th tRUMP was useless and idle for 6 hours. What was he doing besides watching TV and smirking?

A lot of it could not be documented because the media was targeted… Besides stealing cameras and harassing them, here is a VIDEO of the destruction of thousands of dollars of camera crew equipment: “MAGA rioters stormed a group of journalists, and now actively destroying media equipment while shouting “F*ck fake news”. Welcome to Donald Trump’s America.”

As an aside, karma may be catching up to some: The woman who was trampled to death was carrying a “don’t tread on me” flag… and the air force veteran who was killed as she tried to enter the capitol chamber made a last twitter post saying “Nothing will stop us….”

Ambitious, duplicitous and seditious Missouri senator, Josh Hawley, decided to go full on tRUMP and he was the first even before Cruz to jump on the “election fraud” bandwagon… repeating tRUMP’s lies rather than be an adult and admit tRUMP lost 63 of 64 lawsuits. None of the lawyers were able to say they were bringing election FRAUD charges because they knew they could lose their licence and be admonished by the judges who dragged them for their ineptitude, lied and frivolous suits, nonetheless. He knows this! He was once a top AG in Missouri! He doesn’t live in Missouri, and objected to the election in PA, FFS… as the video here: This next story shows Hawley giving a power sign to the crowd of seditionists, and talks about his incitement even after the seditious act and 5 people died.

Interesting aside… white privilege edition: (Here is the tale of 2 Missouri Joshuas. One is in jail serving 8 years for setting a trash can on fire. The other is an incendiary senator… looking for power and a rise up the political ladder by backing tRUMPism and inciting anger and sedition) )

VIDEO: Besides offering to take any voter fraud to the supreme court (the SCOTUS would not even hear it) Ted Cruz incited tRUMPists saying screaming at them that tRUMP would win… lying to them and inciting their ire when he lost (again)

Ivanka Trump tweeted calling white terrorists that stormed the Capitol “patriots… then says not to breach security or hurt cops AFTER they had already stormed the Capitol and she had watched them!

Seditionist and sec of State Pompous Peo is sending coded messages to the Q quislings and Stormfront/KKK anon people… with *America First hashtags!! Look at the delighted response from Q quislings …

Moron Mike and the rest were being followed by Q that were purged…
Seditionist and sec of State Pompous Peo uses his government account on Twitter to post a pretty obvious thank you to the seditionists, white supremacists, his religious fanatics and white nationalists… “America first.” The Tea party/CNP/Dominionists, etc is still VERY active in trying to overthrow the government and call it in the name of unborn babies and his religion. On Jan 10th again and then jan 11

Mike Pompeo January 6th he also posted it WTAF “America first.”

Amy Kremer, Tea party chair of America first women, “provided the stage and rounded up hundreds of attendees -@RSBNetwork provided uninterrupted coverage interspersed with commentary filled with seditious undertones,” and in charge of the permits.

Amy Kreme’s daughter also arranged buses… and called her group the “Calvary” coming to Washington to help tRUMP with the coup.

Mo Brooks at the “Save America Rally” says time to take names and kick ass, to incite violence…

Lauren Boebert, Colorado Rep, unqualified, high school dropout, newly elected Congresswoman, owner of a bar called Shooters in a town called Rifle, Colorado, gun advocate who encouraged her staff to carry, including illegal minors… and QAnon supporter tweeted “Today is 1776” on January 06. [She also tweeted a picture of herself from December with 3 people arrested for entering the US capitol?]

Lauren Boebert was told by Sergeant of Arms in the chamber to not make any social media posts. She tweeted about Nancy Pelosi being gone from the floor, being she knew people had schematics to lower levels… (See Video section) SEDITIONIST!

How the hell does she get to run with that rap sheet??
More on the new worst of the worst… Lauren Boebert. Here she is previously threatening liberals saying she is coming with her gun… FFS? And here is her RAP SHEET! WTAF? Boebert tweeted she was carrying in DC, and had a gun permit, On January 4, the Washington, DC, Police Chief said Lauren Boebert did not have a gun permit:

Annnnnnnnnnnd her pervert of a husband pulled out his dick to show his dick tattoo to minors in a bowling alley and was arrested in 2004. Lauren was with him when he displayed his penis. He was arrested for domestic violence a few days later. Document with charges.

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, charters 80 buses for people to go to the Capitol for the insurrection. She has now deleted her Facebook where she says she “loves” the patriots. He is not only a tea party organizer, but is also a member CNP!!

VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani lies at the “Save America Rally” lies AGAIN and says, “Every single thing that has been outlined as the plan for today is perfectly legal … it is perfectly appropriate given the questionable constitutionality of the Election Counting Act of 1887 that the vice president can cast it aside.” The says, “Over the next 10 days, we get to see the machines that are crooked, the ballots that are fraudulent. And if we’re wrong, we will be made fools of. But if we’re right, and lot of them will go to jail. So — let’s have trial by combat” VIDEO: After Rudy says the climbers could not be MAGA as they can’t climb? WTAF? The video was removed. Screenshot here:

Alabama AG leads on-profit that helped organize march at Capitol AG Steve Marshall plays a critical role in the group that helped organize the protest and rally that preceded the riots, attack and attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Marshall leads the Republican Attorneys General Association’s dark-money nonprofit Rule of Law Defense Fund, which is listed as a participating organization for the March to Save America on the march’s website, as are the groups Stop the Steal, Tea Party Patriots and Turning Point Action.

The website is now down, but archived versions show RLDF as a participating group. AHAHA now they are pretending it was “staff” so they can walk away clean…. “No Republican AG authorized the staff’s decision to amplify a colleague speaking at the rally. Organizationally and individually, we strongly condemn and disavow the events which occurred. Yesterday was a dark day in American history and those involved in the violence and destruction of property must be prosecuted and held accountable.”

Alex Jones: White House directed me to lead crowd to the US Capitol Jones claims to have spent $500,000 organizing the event whereby he says he was told by whitehouse to lead the crowd 30 minutes before tUMP’s speech was finished. HE ADMITS IT! He then lies and says Antifa were there before he got there..

Attempting a coup: Lyndsey Graham, the Chair of the Senate JUDICIARY committee, calls states to ask if Dem votes can be thrown out. tRUMP individually calls R state election officals to have a “talk” with them about certification… tRUMP is calling R state legislators to talk with him. Blatant ELECTION INTERFERENCE “ Trump called a GOP canvassing board member in Wayne County who announced Wednesday she wanted to rescind her decision to certify the results of the presidential election, the member said in a message to The Post.”

VIDEO January 6: of Don Jr, Kim Guilfoyle dancing, celebrating, thanking the “patriots” who are sick of the Bullshit. He pans those in the tent to see Dan Scavino, tRUMP, Mark Meadows while saying, “Unfortunately there’s a road between the main crowd and the masses. I would love to see them get in closer as that would be pretty awesome, but this is pretty incredible…” then Kim speaking about “Time to the do the right thing, fight,” and Don again… “T- minus a couple seconds here, so uuhh, check it out, tune in and do the live streaming and it’s going to be epic…” while watching the mob of MAGAts from different angles and places in the Capitol.

Question who paid for this folly and insurrection speech/rally? Taxpayers or his campaign? Once on stage, Don jr said… “If you gonna be the zero and not the hero, we’re coming for you… and we’re going to have a good time doing it.”

January 06, newly elected and seated WV state legislator Derrick Evans followed orders on Facebook and helped storm the capitol! He is pretending he was “media, “ FFS… He delete the Facebook video of him streaming himself shouting and cheering and telling the MAGAts to “Push” their way in. “According to his Facebook page, Evans helped organize two charter buses full of largely maskless “patriots from WV, KY, and Ohio” who headed to Washington, DC, on Tuesday evening as part of a “Stop The Steal” coalition.” “We’re in! Keep it moving, baby!,” Evans has said on a video posted on social media. Evans was charged with illegally entering the Capitol and denies he did anything wrong… and is refusing to step down from his seat. (He resigned…)

Madison Cawthorn, “ Words of a sitting congressman who denies responsibility for 1/6: ‘Call your congressman. You can lightly threaten them and say, if you don’t start supporting election integrity, I’m coming after you, Madison Cawthorn is coming after you.’ Cawthorn now says he is now blaming the party as a whole about election fraud claims even though he stoked them right before the insurrection… at the same rally tRUMP also called for a march to the Capitol… “The party as a whole should have been much more wise about their choice of words.” This is the creep who called Adolph Hitler “the Fuhrer” in a now-deleted post while visiting Hitler’s vacation home. Jan 7 Cawthorn tweet: ‘it wasn’t patriotism it was thuggery.’

*** reminder that they have planned this for a long time… REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS, LED BY REP. MIKE KELLY, FILED SUIT ASKING A PA COURT TO DECLARE THE ENTIRE MAIL-IN VOTING SYSTEM UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It explicitly suggests a convenient option: that the General Assembly choose the state’s electors.

Ex-GOP state Rep. Rick Saccone joins chaos in Washington, praises Trump and share picture oh he and PA state rep Doug Mastriano, “Bumped into fellow patriot Doug Mastriano at the front of the capitol. What do you think?” Saccone wrote on Facebook. In another post, Saccone said he was “proud to be in Washington to drive out the rinos, drai[n] the swamp and save America, In a video with the post, he called it the “Save America rally.”

Saccone wrote: “We are storming the capitol. Our vanguard has broken through the barricades. We will save this nation. Are u with me?” He then quit his job as a teacher saying the media “kerfuffle” would tarnish the school

Charlie Kirk, TPUSA founder of the “Charity” TPUSA the Kochs fund, and Falkirk with Jerry Fallwell Jr, erased his brag tweet about bringing in 80 busloads of people … many who attacked the Capitol. VIDEO: Charlie is insisting his students for tRUMP (TOUSA) just went home like angels and he resents himself and his jackass followers being called a seditionist, etc.

And the MAGAs are listening to OANN just as tRUMP told them too. OANN says tRUMP won all but a couple of states and has over 400 Electoral College votes. It also take tRUMP’s lying tweets and magnifies them, because they are the new lying state TV. It should be illegal… And here the MAGAs are spewing the same lies OANN and tRUMP tell them because they have NO IDEA tRUMP lost 38 of 39 fake electoral fraud cases… (And this is twitter… so can imagine the lies on Parler…)

Incitement has been happening since day one, and was ratcheted up since January last year. August 2020 A Maga asks what the other MAGAs are going to do about a “stolen” election…

Matthew Scarboro uploaded an incitement video America Reborn, a “QAnon propaganda video calling for a “great reawakening” in the U.S. ahead of the January 20 inauguration period was being shared on the self-styled “free speech” social media platform. [Parler] The three-minute video was made up of old Donald Trump speeches with lines such as “the time for empty talk is over, now arrives the hour of action.” It was accused by many on social media of inciting further violence following the extremist attack on the Capitol on January 6.” And “there should be no fear, we are protected”

This pretend religious is a a’hole… “Right-wing terrorist Ali Alexander threatens to stab people. This convicted felon worked with GOP leaders to organize pro-Trump mobs and has gone into hiding. In the incoherent , frightened whine of a rant he mentions fat people…

Ali Alexander will not go down without taking 3 seditious white Congressmen with him… “Alexander made his claim in three separate livestreams in late December, adding that Reps. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Mo Brooks of Alabama were also involved. “We’re the four guys who came up with a January 6 event,” Alexander said. On December 8, the Arizona Republican Party boosted Alexander, asking supporters if they were willing to give their lives in the fight over the results of the presidential election.”

“His claim is also buttressed by a fourth video from a December 19 rally at the Arizona State Capitol, at which Alexander played a video that Biggs had supplied. In the video, Biggs mentions Brooks as his ally in the fight. Gosar spoke in person at the event.” VIDEO Alexander naming Congressmen who helped Stop the Steal.

D list actor Kevin Sorbo all happy that capitol is breached, then quickly blames Antifa when he sees he was rooting for an insurrection… His 3 tweets are in one screen grab. He wants to start his own social platform…

***Dec 09 The 18 red state attorneys general who want to overturn the election to the loser in an illegal coup are: Texas Missouri Alabama Arkansas Florida Indiana Kansas Louisiana Mississippi Montana Nebraska North Dakota Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Utah West Virginia

*** Stochastic terrorism on VIDEO: Talk of a coup… and in the name of religions FFS ‘Jon Voight is advocating for here is for Trump supporters to combat the peaceful transition of power, after a fair and legitimate democratic election has taken place.’

FOX fake “news” also recommending sedition. Host of ”The Five” Greg Gutfeld says those MAGA terrorists were “justified” due to their distrust in media, government and elections. “There is no way to turn this back. You have millions of people who do not trust their institutions, and you know what? They are justified. You can’t trust the media, because they lie to you. You can’t trust the elections, because there is fraud!”

Kneeling of an NFL player is far worse than the storming of the Capitol,

given the excuses and those suddenly struck mum in the GOP…

Religious leaders poison hearts and minds and
border on sedition
“Father” Frank Pavone, a disgusting example of a Catholic priest who has been demonizing Democrats for a long time in the name of “life” as of course he is a profile fanatic, but only for unborn. He will get people killed. “You have the gall, the audacity, to call the President a threat to democracy, when it is you and your whole corrupt Democrat Party that have been exactly that for years. You despise America. You rewrite the Constitution. You fund and cheer the killing of babies. You waste the taxpayer’s time and money on phony investigations. We are sick of you and your Party.”

Frank Pavone is the same creepy priest that brings busloads of children from NON-TAXED Catholic schools to DC for the right to life marches and also who sold tRUMP hats and other tRUMP crap to kids like Nick Sandmann!

According to Guidestar charity tracker, the IRS revoked the Gospel of Life’s tax-exempt status when it failed to file tax forms for three consecutive years. They receive over 10 MILLION a year in donations! How tRUMPian…

Look who is above the clouds in this faked and ridiculous display that begins an online mass in “Thanksgiving For President” tRUMP… when Biden is an actual Catholic. This was on July 13 and is the third mass for tRUMP who has reveled in bringing back firing squads, uploaded on the very day a federal death penalty was carried out, a day when COVID killed 390,454 people and does this AFTER 5 people died at the hands of tRUMP’s sedition. Some Catholic pro-life he is…

Get yer pro=life memorabilia here before you go to jail!’ On January 25th, Father fake is going to get an award for all he does for the unborn… in Rome, when he should have been defrocked and banished long ago.

VIDEO: Bob Rodgers, “pastor” Louisville, Ky, “Father, those that have lied, those that have stolen this election, those that have cheated, I place the curse of God upon them. I curse u with weakness in your body. I curse you with poverty…” His followers cheer the more vengeful and evil he sounds…

*** The RWNJs proving they are off the bend… holy crap… VIDEO: A “pastor” (Ken Copeland makes a fake long laugh and his congregation cheers him on… the same pastor that tells them Dems are demons… etc and Fox… and insane individuals…

Three pictures that struck…

Capitol Dome centred in gallows with many version of tRUMPism flags
surrounded by those who call themselves “patriots…”
This “New European” cover is picture perfect. But tRUMP mockery does not leave the USA unscathed…
Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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