“The People, who govern”

Since the advent of universal suffrage and the effective termination of involuntary servitude, aka military draft, the only branch of the federal corporation whose agents are threatened with the loss of their hijacked power is the Congress. From the perspective of Capitol Hill, the swelling electorate, the herd, is a threat to their claim to dominion.

That is why, on the one hand they have promoted the myth that the POTUS is responsible for everything, and on the other they have engaged with their local state counterparts to rig electoral districts to secure their longevity in office and influence on Capitol Hill via the various important money dispensing committees. Since 2016, when newcomers made up 50% of the House, it has been obvious that despite 2010 gerrymandering, the old order was passing. Donald Trump had no coattails. So, in a last ditch effort, he was given his lead and then 2018 flipped control of the House anyway and impeached the usurper of congressional prerogatives (allocating money). Now only the Senate was left out of popular control.

What we had in 2020 (spilling over into 2021) is a revolution. The people have taken control of their agents. They were not fooled by the lack of agency during the Obama administration (remember the shutdowns and “continuing resolutions”) which aimed to prevent the newcomers from learning how to legislate. In selecting and electing Biden the people signaled that the mistake of the executive not confronting the do-nothing Congress is forgiven, but there is to be no repetition. That is the message from Georgia.

Poor Donald did everything Capitol Hill demanded (distracted the populace and cleared the permanent bureaucracy out of the swamp) and then they denied him his ticket to reelection, money in the pockets of the people. Why? Because a regular distribution of currency from the U.S. Treasury directly to the people (as the countries of Europe inter alia have managed to do), instead of to the banks, jeopardizes the four decades long myth that Congress can only appropriate what the taxman first collects.

So, poor Donald sought to take revenge and sent the hordes/herd to Capitol Hill. But it was too late and the people were not in a mood to cooperate. As was predicted long ago, “the revolution will not be televised.” That is because it occurs in the hearts and minds of “the people, who govern.”
Talk about a throw-away phrase encapsulating the essence.