Terrorists are sophisticated predators. They attack what they perceive to be vulnerable prey for the purpose, not of sustenance, but of manipulating a superior force without incurring injury to themselves.

It is cowardly behavior. Sad to say, the U.S. invasion and subjugation, which GWB justified as “fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here,” was an extended act of terrorism, designed to impress a “rising China” as well as the populace at home whose children were being sacrificed.

Perhaps the retired military who took part in the domestic attack are suffering from PTSD. Perhaps Chris Miller, who delayed the National Guard response is looking to avenge his own deception and abuse.

Arnold Schwartzenegger made reference to the veterans of the Second World War taking their shame and their guilt out on the children. One wonders if his acting career allowed him to exorcise the demons.

Wonder if anyone has done a study of the transformation of obedience into compliance.