A note to teacherken on Dailykos

He really needs to retire and have faith in the future.

The people govern. The Constitution directs the behavior of the “agents of government.” You know, like real estate agents.
Ever since the advent of universal suffrage, which, along with FOIA, made government by the people possible, there has been resistance on the part of appointed and elected public servants who perceive themselves as some sort of elite, imbued with superior wisdom as a result of being elected/hired. Judd Gregg, scion of NH politics referred to what he disdained as “populism.” More recently some elected have referred to the populists on the radical right. And, indeed, some accuse Trump of being a populist leader, rather than a crook.
I am not sure on what basis the elite define themselves. It seems to be a social status that is effortlessly acquired like an inheritance or cultural heritage. That it be effortless is very important because these self-actualized elites have serious and notable practical deficits. They do not feed, clothe or mobilize themselves. Which is one reason poor Donald, who does not even comb his own hair, is iconic.
Anyway, these useless middlemen (they are mostly male) have been gravitating to our legislative bodies, where they are coddled by lobbyists protecting corporations, for some time. What else are we supposed to do with them? They are failures and the commercial class has resorted to promoting them up and out. Trump the failure is also iconic in that sense.
So-called conservatives are wedded to failure by design because it holds out the promise of continuity.
Perhaps the prospect of failure allows people to be reckless; like performing a prat fall. Donald Trump’s last stand was designed to fail. His meanness led him to sucker his supporters into a failed endeavor—as that grandmother of the WV legislator identified as he was being arrested for sedition, etc.
As Justice Anthony Kennedy correctly stated “the people enforce the law.” That is what the people in this election did. That is shocking to the self-designated elite. That is democracy.

Please do not be discouraged. Democracy has been tested. People around the globe will take note that it can be made to work.