Last Gasp

Poor Donald Trump was the Republicans’ last gasp. It was obvious by 2016 that the good old boys’ hegemony was over. Giving new members no direction and nothing to do during much of Obama’s tenure was a failed strategy. Trump had no coattails in 2016 and 2018 flipped the House. In 2020, the Senate should have been flipped during the general election. Perhaps there was a reluctance to replace too much experience at once. The two Georgia incumbents were really low risk to replace. Neither had accomplished anything of significance. What the consultants were thinking in pushing the outsider meme is a puzzlement.

What the last few days have demonstrated is that the federation is a corporation and nobody is indispensable in a corporation. Moreover, status in the corporation is not derived from position, but from performance. Those who do not perform are moved out and sometimes up. The latter seems to be what Republicans have come to favor–to the country’s detriment.m