Hegemonic masculinity

Some study says hegemonic masculinity accounts for trumpists. It is a fancier name than “pussy grabber” and equally applicable to male and female.

Well, the quest for masculinity is, IMHO, a reaction to the degradation many youths experience in this culture. I an struck by the story of Tommy Raskin, son of Jamie Raskin, Congressman from Maryland whose wife is also a federal official.Tommy, their only son is described at 25 years old as being “magic” and such a delight and, oh so precocious that at the age of 12 he begged off, in writing, being bar Mitzvahed. Which was, of course, denied. And now they are surprised that at age 25 he is a suicide. Depression is blamed.

Is there even the slightest awareness that perhaps the boy ought not to have been coerced? Of course not. Chidlren are the property of their parents, to be handled as desired — as long as the abuse is not obvious.

The children of single mothers are resented. Why? Because the parent qualified for a distribution of funds and then, when the child starts consuming more than a small portion, s/he’s passed off to someone else to serve as foster parent or retain an apartment for the grandparent. Meanwhile, the baby daddy is also resentful because his paternal status is not officially recognized.

I have met at least three single males who have expressed a secret wish to have left some unknown off-spring somewhere as evidence of them having existed. How common is that?