Musings on the case of Garrett Felber

Felber’s a race traitor. Segregation was always maintained by penalizing those who breached the barrier by promoting the interests of the excluded. ‘Tis a kind of triangulation. A favors B so C eliminates Aand B is none the wiser or thinks he’s been abandoned/deceived by A. If B then becomes resentful, so much the better. Indeed, C can pretend to have served as champion and protector, making the community safe. Until one has been harassed by the police for going into the “wrong” neighborhood, it is not likely that the strategy is recognized. We tend to think of relationships as binary.

Why was John Kennedy shot? Why did Lyndon Johnson immediately move to advance the civil rights agenda? Why is 99% of the population poorer now than they were in 1960? Because somebodies decided “if they want to be equal, let them be equally deprived.”

White male supremacy is not a reality; it is an ambition, an aspiration that drives a significant herd of incompetents. The question is how are they rendered incompetent? My suspicion is that toxic masculinity serves to intimidate the next generation. I do not think it is genetic because, in order to survive, human infants have to be gregarious and interact with anyone who caters to their needs. Perhaps conditional nurture is the vector—i.e. the satisfaction of needs is based on compliant behavior. In other words, instead of arising from observation and imitation, obedience is coerced.
Coerced obedience is the core of the carceral state. The imprisoned are those who fail to obey.