Denial on Dailykos

It is a political platform set up to foster political engagement. Over the years it has been degraded with the equivalent of greeting cards that feature puppies and kittens. Apparently, that generates advertising revenue. I do not know because I opted early to acquire a lifetime exemption from advertising. Thank goodness.

Upon occasion, when I have cleared my cache of cookies and passwords, the site displays ads and begs for more money. There are also email solicitations for dollars and petition signatures that will augment interest lists. Watching the evolution of a money grubbing enterprise is interesting from an academic perspective.

Several years ago Dailykos instituted a monitoring function letting some people ban information they do not like. For some reason, referring to German Americans has set some people off and I have been banned for a while. It is apparently OK to refer to “brown shirts” or Nazis, but mentioning that German Americans are the largest ethnic group is verboten.

I only regret that I did not copy what was being objected to because the comments are now hidden. Next time I will copy what has occasioned offense. Though I doubt there will be a next time. I have contributed fewer and fewer diaries because the expectation that one is going to interact with readers and waste time is annoying. Lots of fluffing going on. Manipulation is not my thing.