On the culture of obedience, again.

What we have here in the U.S. is a culture of obedience. Military killed in warfare are honored because the were under orders. Civilians are dismissed as collateral damage and do not count. While they are technically innocent, collateral damage results from people being somewhere where they ought not to be. If their leaders, military or civilian, had been obedient, the U.S. would not have had to sacrifice its sons, and now daughters, and attack.

That is how the culture of obedience works. The National Socialists in Germany featured it, as well. So, the U.S. is not unique and it is probably not a holdover from lawful slavery. On the other hand, slaves were brought to the Americas by the Dutch traders.

Regardless, the culture of obedience is particularly pernicious because obedience, which arises out of the ability to imitate positive behavior, is being perverted by the addition of, wait for it, the use of force or coercion. It is, of course, the same process which transforms intercourse into rape.

The perversion of virtue into crime presents a psychological challenge for which we are often not prepared. In other words, there is also the element of surprise which undermines resistance.

Although the U.S. Constitution restricts the use of force to authorized agents of government, there are no strictures against its use by individual natural persons, whose behavior is presumed to be good. In addition, the rights of a person to be secure in his/her person are left out entirely, probably because that would conflict with people being owned, as minor children still are.

Think of that, all children born in or imported into the U.S. start out legally as slaves. If they are, perchance, not properly cared for, they can be rounded up like cattle and put in cages for safe keeping.

Should we be surprised to find that policies implemented with enthusiasm by the Trump administration are entirely consistent with his upbringing? I think not. Did he not find support in the Brothers Koch and others of Germanic descent?

When obedience is the supreme virtue, look out.

P.S. Has the culture of obedience spawned extreme self-defeating resistance in the heartland? White southerners are mostly of Scots-Irish descent, but the secessionists may actually be more Germanic.