The Grievances of the Trumpists

Have not read all the grievances, but a goodly number seem to be about women who done them wrong, beginning with the Women’s March.  And that is what it is about.  Many men and women have lost the free labor of women and now they are on the brink of being governed by a woman.

Disfemists is what we are dealing with—people, both male and female, who cannot admit that is what it is about. Free labor.  First the free labor of slaves was lost, as well as indentured servants.  Then the free labor of children was lost.  That was followed by the free labor of women and, finally, the involuntary servitude of the military.

How can people live free when everybody insists on being paid?  What is the good of being a pater familias, if the family cannot be used and abused at will.  Being a baby daddy is nothing to crow about.