Why no second relief package?

Congress has rationed the distribution of currency to maintain themselves in office by pretending that the circulation of money is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve and its subordinate banks.  What the distribution of 2008 to counter the crash as well as the current relief efforts demonstrated is that Congress is in charge of the Treasury and can disburse currency as needed at will.

The intent in 2008 was to make McCain the hero of the October surprise by distributing relief.  However, both the crash and the relief were poorly timed and Obama took the limelight and got elected.  That is when McConnell determined there would be no more rescue for the economy and Obama would be undermined from the get-go.

In 2020 there came another opportunity to come to the rescue with an infusion of currency and it looked like it would work and Trump would get credit for his name on the rescue checks.  However, it turns out it takes a lot longer to distribute chunks of money than collecting it with every paycheck.  So, not all of the CARES act made it out the door and then it got too late for another distribution to arrive in time to affect the election.  Now that Trump has lost and the Senate is almost lost there is no reason for McConnell to distribute a dollar. Even without the mail being slowed, the money would not get to the right voters in time.

Conservatives are instinct-driven and deceptive.  That means their behavior is habitual and underhanded.  You can count on them to cheat.  It is a defense mechanism to counter the fact that they are often wrong and late.

Anyway, Capitol Hill is in a quandary.  They have all participated in the scam which holds that, if there is not enough money to pay for necessary services (food, shelter, education, well care, pollution prevention) it is because somebody has not paid enough taxes, not because Congress has rationed the distribution of dollars AND promoted their hoarding by a handful of multi-billionaires.  AOC and her squad are the exception and CARES is the proof of the truth.  Bernie Sanders also perpetrated the lie by blaming the corporations.

But, it is even more complicated.  The people have demonstrated in the 2020 election that they are fully capable of funding their own candidates by redirecting some of the $70 Billion they spend annually on scratch-off tickets.  Also, the people who track money holdings tell us that the household savings rate is way up.  If people are not spending it is because they do not want to, not because they do not have it.  And that has been true since the crash of 2008.  People are tired of being fucked with.  They are continuing to use cash and grow the underground economy.  Screw the money managers.  The banksters have engineered their own depression.  Just think!  Back in 1991, the Treasury paid a guaranteed 8.1% on a thirty year note to buy back its own money. That meant a person with a stash could double it every eight years without doing a thing. Today that rate is 1.73%. Nobody getting rich for nothing.

And finally, the money speculator running for Senate in Georgia does know the score.  Perdue went so far as to author a resolution condemning MMT.  Modern Monetary Theory is what AOC has bought into.  It treats money like a utility, not something whose value depends on making it artificially scarce.

Monetary speculation is legal thievery.