I am coining a new word because the recognized one, misogyny, is to difficult to explain. “Antifeminist” does not work because it refers to people who are opposed on the basis of their association with females. People who are antagonistic towards females need to be clearly identified because they certainly exist–in all ethnic groups, all genders and all ages. ‘Tis a universal disease whose etiology is not clear.

I do not mean to be coining words. I would have thought that deprivator, a person who deprives others of whatever, would have been a given. It is not. So, deprivator had to be invented and now “disfemist” seems necessary to identify a person who simply dislikes human females for no particular reason.

While I am addressing the topic, I might mention that it was bad enough when Joe Biden proved himself a traitor to his ethnic origins by seconding Barack Obama. Now that he has brought on Kamala Harris, his fate in some circles is sealed. Which is why it is actually important that this closet antagonism be exposed. And not just exposed as Donald Trump did it to normalize the attitude. Disfemism needs to be exposed as a basic moral wrong.

ADDENDUM on 12/28/20
Typically, I forgot what I had written and searched for “antifem” but the search engine in WordPress set me straight. Why do I forget so much? Why does my thinking not get into my memory bank? Why can I not remember recipes? Why do I not remember people’s names? Strange.