The lie is basic?

Trump did not invent the strategy of hurling words against their perceived enemies in order to inoculate themselves against having the words used against them. It is sort of like challenging the validity of Kerry’s medals to prevent GWB’s terrible military service being made an issue.

The instinct-driven are copy cats, but they also know how to pervert patterns of behavior. They are not logical and for that reason difficult to explain. Ulterior motives and misdirection are a constant. It is as if deception is a major component of self-preservation and self-protection.

Instinct lies? The lie does not become habitual; habit is false?

One more thought. If instinct-driven humans are basically liars and deception is the mode of self-preservation, then is reality a risky proposition and an opportunistic existence is necessarily perverse. In other words, falsehood is the default upon which the preservation of the species depends?