Bill Barr in it for the money?

No, he’s an autocrat, firmly believes in the superiority of some humans and their right to rule without being answerable to anyone. No reason why the holy roman empire cannot be resurrected in the new world.  Remember the “New World Order?”  It did not mean that the world would be orderly, but that the New World would supplant Old Europe in giving the orders. Leaders in the former USSR and the USA are agreed that the European Union is not an appropriate leader.

It is still an open question what McCain and Manafort were up to with their International Republican Institute and its Moscow offices. With McCain conveniently dead and buried and Manafort safely in jail, the details of that caper could evaporate.

Is Biden going to be persuaded to forget all about Ukraine?  They targeted one of his sons, which is all he really cares about in this world.