The Stupefication of the Electorate

The key is on Capitol Hill.  That is where control of the Treasury lies and, since our federal agencies do nothing but distribute currency according to Congressional directives, it is Congress which is responsible not just for the current chaos, but for four decades of deprivation and disinvestment.

For what purpose?  To disguise the responsibility of those who have to face the electorate every two years and the possibility of dismissal by creating the myth that the executive has all power.  And the executive has been limited to two terms to minimize the potential of malfeasance. What could go wrong?

Well, Donald J.Trump has gone wrong. Not only has he refused to accept blame for the deficits that have and continue to trickle down to decimate the working classes, but he has insisted on exposing the shared guilt of the Capitol Hill gang for misleading him into an untenable position.

Donald J. Trump got suckered, as did Obama, GWB and Clinton before him, but he is refusing to take it quietly.  The Hill wanted him to drain the swamp to facilitate the graft upon which their tenure in office depends.  So, that is what he is doing in spades to get his revenge.  And Capitol Hill cannot make a peep without disclosing their duplicity and guilt. Holding the disbursement from the Treasury hostage to promote the tradition of graft is going to bite them on the ass.

After all, if the disbursement of dollars is a stimulus, then rationing is obviously designed to stupefy.

Ah, now there’s a new wrinkle.  Instead of worrying about the suppression of the electorate, we should focus on its stupefication.