Re: bond hearing for Arbery killers

The community responds:

Yesterday we learned that White supremacy isn’t just a organization, it is an ideology. An ideology that is generational and fraternal.
An ideology that will have a friend get on the stand, under oath and say that the “coons” that he and a murderer were referring to in a text exchange as drinking malt liquor and having gold teeth were indeed raccoons. It’s an ideology that brazenly leads to social media posts that are demeaning to people groups.
Witness after witness, men and women were willing to put up their homes and and sacrifice truth to protect that ideology.
Unfortunately, Brunswick, Georgia is a hotbed of White supremacy.
And unfortunately, the ideology has unknowingly infiltrated the Black community. As Black men and women in leadership around our city continue to allow policies, city property, and policing to subjugate Black and Brown people to cruel an demeaning reminders of their “place” in life. All under the banner of a false “unity” and “peace.” In 2020.
No more! Change is coming. Our city will become the beacon of light we all know it can become. There are too many good people there who want to see A Better Glynn for it not to happen.
So I’m putting bad ideologies on notice. I’m putting White supremacy on notice.
Your time is up. Better is here. 2021 will change the entire city. Just you wait.