The Degradation of Women Must End

Donald Trump is a culmination, a last ditch effort to prevent the triumph of populism, government by the people. You can tell that is what it is about by the effort to pervert the word, “populism” as they have socialism and liberalism by claiming poor Donald is its embodiment.

While the perception that government by the people was on the rise (2016 saw the House as equally divided between the old guard and newcomers and 2018 ushered in a youthful majority), the hope was that the chaotic POTUS would facilitate a reversal of power while no-one was looking. Now only the Senate is left and cannot hold back the hordes on its own.
One thing that I think has to be emphasized is that Trump’s misogyny, encapsulated in “grab ‘em by the pussy,” was/is not incidental. Indeed, the last four decades have been aimed at reversing the rise of the female. Nobody expected that the civil rights concessions to black Americans would result in women insisting on their rights to govern both their own bodies and other people.
Referring to males as “mother fuckers” is also not incidental. A whole lot of people are antagonistic towards women, mothers, school marms and disciplinarians. But, this antagonism cannot be overtly admitted. So, instead, subgroups get identified (single parents, Hispanics, welfare queens, lesbians, teens) but in all cases the main objects of subordination are women.
Hillary Clinton was rejected because she is a woman. Sarah Palin was selected, like Amy Barrett, because she was a bimbo, the exception that proves the rule.
So, why did the white male just make it across the finish line? Because women gave him a push. Why did a white male vote for Trump and then announce he’s glad the Son of a Bitch will be gone? Why are worthless males referred to as sons of bitches and the heroes “patriots.”
Whom does Limbaugh inveigh against on a regular basis? Feminazis.
Wherefore the antagonism? Should we not expect it from people who have lost free labor, free care of their progeny and free resource management? White males feel deprived. No other males do because they never had exclusive use.
It seems somewhat ironic that while European laborers were impressed, dragooned and recruited for the colonies, women migrated here mostly on their own, a pattern that is now being repeated at the southern border. Why is it that the land of liberty appeals to the female?
Lady Liberty is not a coincidence.
The subordination of women by men born of women is shameful and needs to be exposed. Even if it is just a reaction to an inferiority complex, it needs to be exposed. Melania Trump should have cared and we should care on her behalf.