Morning musings

Rational people assume that people act on what they believe, but that is not necessarily so. Some people stop at belief and do not act at all. Others neither know nor believe anything and act on the spur of the moment. Still others respond to their emotions and satisfy themselves with talk.

Many of those who voted for Trump were doing it for revenge against the women they secretly blame for having screwed things up. Some people identify delayed adolescence as a widespread problem. I suspect there is more separation anxiety than we know. We also do not know how many narcissists there are, nor the etiology of their disability. How does it happen that a human is lacking in awareness?

Does Donald Trump exist when he is not acting out and calling attention to himself?


The Constitution prohibits ordering individual natural persons to do anything, except in an emergency situation. Clearly, the need for disease prevention and injury correction is a constant. Moreover, it is actually a Congressional obligation in the context of “providing for the general welfare.”
The problem is that Congress has been resistant to carrying out obligations for a long time, including the management of the currency which they shoved off to the Federal Reserve Bank a hundred years ago. Keep in mind that even the income tax is voluntary. Persons who have no monetary income need not report and those who do report can only be held to account, if the reports are obviously fraudulent and the oath of correctness is a perjury.
Anyway, the ACA was a necessary compromise which recruited commercial health insurers because they had a client base that had demonstrated a desire for what is on offer. Also, commercial corporations are not natural persons and are, in fact, subsidiaries of whatever state authorized their organization. That our agents of government have failed to set standards for commercial corporations that insure that natural persons (and the natural environment) are well served is a deplorable historical fact. Even more deplorable is the persistence of the belief that “regulation” is intended to promote health and welfare. It is not. The purpose of commercial regulation is to make enterprise regular, predictable and profitable.
The ACA is a small exception in that, in exchange for additional clients and monetary subsidies, the law imposed a cap on commercial profits (7%) AND set a service standard (coverage of illness and injury regardless of when acquired). Also, the companion legislation, Dodd/Frank, established routine reporting requirements for banks, insurance companies and other financial entities which, for the first time ever, provide evidence of how and where our currency is being used. Consequently, a lot of speculation seems to have been wrung out of the system and that accounts for why interest rates are at historic lows.
The commercial class is not happy. The membership of our 5000 chambers of commerce are not happy. Just moving things from place to place is no longer a source of easy money. Just think, in the early ‘60s retail markup was 100% of the manufacturer’s costs, which included transportation. It has been downhill ever since. Corporate retailers moved in, cut prices, relocated to the suburbs and then raised the prices again. Eventually, there was nothing to cut but quality.