Looking back

My thought of the morning.

Hillary was not going to be able to reset the trajectory set by Greenspan, Gingrich, McCain, Manafort and Palin. Obama did not even try. He did not take the fight to the Hill, even in his second term. He did not expose the perfidy that was Iraq. Instead, he stood between the pitchforks and Wall Street and bought into the fiction that the deficit had to be reduced by not spending the pittance Congress had allocated.

The first words I ever heard Obama say was “Wonder how much that cost,” when he saw the carpet that had been bought with the Senate seal for the stage on which he was to speak to thank New Hampshire for electing a Democrat to Congress. He was young and did not know any better and had been reared to believe frugality is a virtue. But the result was that the engineered crash of 2008 was able to hobble the country for eight more years, with the able assistance of Mitch McConnell’s lust for power.

I had hoped Biden would help Obama navigate the shark infested waters. Now I hope he’s learned his lesson and corrects the country’s course.