I have a problem

The fixation on personal relationships really turns me off. It is impossible to discuss practical matters with people intent on killing (or idolizing) the messenger. Poor Donald loves being a beloved messenger to people who have no interest in his message—only that he’s talking to them.

I also can’t stand the focus on material products designed to substitute for or “enhance” personal experience. Self-centered but clueless. And superficial. Why are the self-centered also clueless?

I was not bothered by my mother’s adulation of her dead half brother or her bragging about having some princess or countess as a customer. It had nothing to do with me and was glad to be ignored. I enjoyed the privacy of not being understood. Solitude I have always enjoyed, except for that time I woke and discovered I had been left alone in my crib and could not get out. I never got in trouble when I was left alone.

Solitary and alert vs. alone and oblivious.