Who’s orchestrating the subversion of SCOTUS?

Well, if there were a bona fide organization, it would be registered somewhere and known.

Keep in mind that the object of the federal judiciary is to keep the legislature and the executive in line with the Constitution. The Constitution requires equal treatment by the executive and the legislative bodies of all persons. When some people were denied access to the ballot while others were not, that was ruled un-Constitutional.

Whom did that ruling primarily affect? Not the federal courts and only two members of the executive. However, all members of House and Senate are affected and, quite naturally but unadmittedly resent having to be accountable to more and more voters. Having deluded themselves into thinking of themselves as rulers (law makers), they resent being told what to do and look to rich people and corporate employers to buy the electorate off.

Of course, since Congress has the power of the purse, they could curry favor with the electorate by being more generous with the dollars. But that would be too obvious. The trick is to exercise power while pretending to have none. That, as we have seen, is best accomplished by imposing a regimen of deprivation (no health care, no free lunches, no public transport, no free advanced education, no resource preservation, no clean air, water and soil).

I am sorry to learn that Sheldon Whitehouse has drunk the kool aide of Congressional incompetence. Why does he think the management of the currency is in the same section of the Constitution as the management of weights and measures? Currency is a utility and should be distributed equitably, not handed over to banksters so they can take a cut of each dollar borrowed. Has he not noticed that the Treasury has a hard time giving dollars away for free because trade and exchange using money have about dried up?

The virus should not be blamed. It just put the last nail in the coffin.

P.S. This was a Dailykos post.