Alexander memo to Caputo

Hi Michael, here is my reply or sense of this in red :

1) in her statement: not in the situation of New Zealand or Singapore or Korea , where a new case is¬†rapidly identified and all the contacts are traced and people are isolated who are sick and people who are exposed are quarantined and they can keep things under control. ”
She is basically committing hari kar,i saying they at CDC have failed for this is their job. She failed. But they are saying this to damage the President. So by saying bad stuff on CDC , the buck stops at the administration . Very disingenuous. To detect, isolate, treat, and trace . Where the CDC may have made a mistake is not tracing 2nd level contacts ( contacts of contacts). Also, these nations are smaller e.g. New Zealand, and being an island, ports of entry are much more limited.
These nations engaged in severe lockdowns and the verdict is still out as to how things will shape out. When locked down fully as these nations did the virus lays in wait and does not go away and so to say that they are out of the woods, no one knows how this virus is operating. It is premature to say that.
2) She said: ” We have way too much virus across the country for that now , so it’s very discouraging,”
We expected to see upticks in cases due to the increased testing, and the relaxation of constraints e.g. lockdowns etc. However, the good news is that these upticks are majority in persons 35 years old or so; this suggests that we did a good jobinprotectingtheelderly theyoungerarenotat ofsevereillnessordeathliketheolderpersonsandassuch,the key message to them now must be as we open -up, is to behave responsibly, remember the elderly in your homes are at risksoreducechanceoftransmission, andworkwitholdagedhomes/nursinghomestoreducerisktoelderly.Thedata
suggests that about 5% show serological signs of prior infection which means 95 % of the population have not yet been infected. The message has to be practice proper hygiene, social distancing, hand washing, wearing of masks when distancing cannot be done, especially around the elderly and do not go to the hospital emergency etc. as a young asymptomatic(ormild personwhotestspositive.It’sthecloggingupofERsandbedsthatcancausetheelderlyand personswhoneedICUandoxygenandsupport, to notget accessreadily.
3) She said : is really the beginning, and what we hope is that we can take it seriously and slow the
transmission.” Her comments are in contrast to those of senior members of the Trump administration notably Vice
President Mike Pence, who said on Friday “we have made truly remarkable progress. ”
So she is implying that prior to now , the administration , including her, have not taken it seriously. This is false. What else
does she havein her arsenal that has not been done , to offer ?Again , she is being duplicitous. The hospitals are geared up, the medical community alerted , PPEs are available, there are ICU beds for surge capacity, we are working in a vaccine ( s)
and we have several therapeutics in the pipeline and some already showing effectiveness e.g. convalescent plasma, remdesivir,corticosteroid,andtocilizumab (IL-6).
Importantly, having the virus spread among the young and healthy is one of the methods to drive herd immunity. This was not the intended strategy but all must be on deck now and it is contributing positively at some level. What is the issue isthepoliticsbypeople likeherinactuallyhittingherownselftohurtthemanythousandsofgreatwomenandmenin public service working late at night to fix this. She is duplicitous.
4) She said: She said there was ” a lot of wishful thinking around the country ” that the pandemic would be over by the summer. ” We are not even beginning to be over this,” Schuchat said. ” There are a lot of worrisome factors about the last
week or so.”
But the worrisome factors she refers to this week are the upticks in positive cases but she should know this is due to testing and due to relaxing of social distancing etc. and there has to be some due to spread. But the measurable should not be the number of tests or the number of positives thought we want to see that day over day to be less than …the

5) She said : “I was always asked about what was my worst nightmare, what kept me up at night. Usually, my
answer was influenza pandemic and the characteristics of the COVID – 19 are quite similar to what I was worried about,” she said.
What is fascinating about this remark is that we are doing all that is done for the influenza pandemic and more for the COVID pandemic all the tools and expertise used for influenza pandemic she refers to all of it, is brought to bear on COVID is trying to be misleading here.
SheiscommentingonboththeinfluenzapandemicandCOVID 19 differenceisforasanexampleSARS-1in 2003,itdiedoutbeforewemadeavaccineorgotatherapeutic andfor in2009,whichshewasinvolvedwith,
60 millionAmericans got infected, remindher this, ofwhich 20,000 died her work.
6 ) She said : To help prevent the spread, Schuchat said “we need everyone to get on board ” with wearing masks. The more people who wear them can not only protect themselves, but others in their community .
Her aim is to the President here but it is his decision. Moreover, he is tested more than anyone in the entire world several times a day rapidtesting as we know . And all around him must be tested too and so he
does not need a mask to be honest…so by taking these and other precautions, he limits his risk as a person. She has the option to do same for herself. Furthermore, she at CDC are not trying to tweak the information that
the mask not only protects others from you, but you form them always said it conferred no protection so onceagain,CDCisgivingupsidedownmessages. Theywentformnomask, tomask,tonomask, nowto
mask. No wonder people are fed up. Dr. Fauci even told people to go to the mall and movies in the height of this. I recall.
7) She said: For most people, the new coronavirus causesmild or moderate symptoms as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health
problems — including children — it can cause more severe illness and death .
It also causes no symptoms as it is so mild you don’t even know you have it. Many people never knew they hadit.Notone indication.Itisvery falseherstatementthat itcausesdeathinchildren.Theverdict isvery outon
that for the cases of MIS – C or PMIS as some call it inflammatory syndrome) all typically recover. The data shows this. Moreover, where some deaths have beenrecorded (minimal), we remainunsure as to the link to COVID since some who died with the inflammatory illness were negative for COVID while some are positive.
The syndrome seems to cause an illness akin to Kawasaki illness seen in Pacific Asian kids < 5 years old I referheretotheinflammatoryillness basedonCDC’sowndata,therisk ofdeathinchildren0-19years
ofageisbasically0 (zero)…PERIOD liedhere.
Dr. Paul E. Alexander, PhD
Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary For COVID – 19 Pandemic Policy