The Genesis of U.S. Aggression

The abusive treatment of imported and native peoples to make them work for no-talent migrants who could not sustain themselves was the original sinful import into the Americas. Then, although the formal enslavement of certain populations was rejected, doing it under the guise of equality was a mistake.

Because, if equality is to be achieved, universal abuse is not ruled out. Moreover, the nature of abuse is such that, while it generates resentment in the victims, direct retaliation, which risks even greater abuse, is not possible. And so the abused avenge themselves by abusing someone else. “We fight over there because we cannot fight over here.”

Why do we get away with it? Because the victims of our aggression cannot help but conclude that it is irrational and, like other unpredictable forces of nature, best endured until it wears itself out. The election of madman Trump doubtless supports that assessment.