An American Dilemma: Seeking Paternal Care

The delayed maturation of the American male used to be decreid. “Be a man, my son,” was fatherly advice. But was that sincere or was it the response of an abusive male whose domination of the female and the young was a given?

The Union is home to an abusive culture. The subordination of women, natives and juveniles is evidence. A million children a year do not run away from home for no reason. I am not including the black population because their persistent resistance to subordination serves to illuminate the problem.

But, I am off on a tangent. What I wanted to consider is the culture of illness and shared misery that has seemingly evolved to compensate for abusive paternity. If U.S. health care is so pervasive, expensive and ineffective, it may well be because it is being sought out and “enjoyed” to compensate for having been ignored.

If so, perhaps what makes poor Donald attractive to the base is their perception of him as the embodiment of the desired, irresponsible and abusive father figure they all know so well. That goes for the political pundits mewling about failed leadership, as well. If they were not looking for Daddy, they would not be disappointed.

Sick. Sick. Sick.