Poor Donald

Individuals whose behavior is responsive to superficial optics occur in every population. When their response is adulatory (“I love red roses”), it is unobjectionable, although some authoritarian may well object. When the response is antagonistic (“I hate broccoli”) it tends to be dismissed as idiosyncratic unless someone takes offense. It is when these gut reactions prompt behavior that is unwelcome to those affected that we have a problem.

Poor Donald, to our misfortune, is a good example of someone whose actions are consistent with his responses to superficial optics. The fact that he habitually announces his intentions, like a mosquito buzzing around your head, merits more attention than he’s gotten.
Why, for example, were the women whom he assaulted routinely ignored? Why was Michael Cohen agreeable to participating in buying them off? The answer, sad to say, is that greater America (both north and south) is seriously misogynistic.
In our community, two women killed by police prompted almost no response. Then came the killing of Ahmaud Arbery under the auspices of retired law enforcemment and the women finally decided that “enough is enough.”
Only an idiot would mess with the Moms of Portland. But, that’s poor Donald. He’s got no respect. Doesn’t know to look twice before crossing the street. Why? All his life he’s been in protective custody.