The economy shut down?

“The economy” is a dubious concept. If one is referring to the trade and exchange of goods and services, that has never stopped or been shut down. Only if the commercial class being prevented from taking a cut of other people’s labor is the issue, is the concern valid. Yes, a lot of non-essential frivolous enterprise has been halted for a time. Is that a bad thing? Only if you are a frivolous person.

I have found two things most interesting. The first is that when individuals were being tested on the basis of symptoms of illness, about ninety percent of perceived illness came from something other than the corona virus. I have seen no coverage of what those other causes might be.

The second thing I have learned is that hospital employees no longer perceive the hospital as a place to die. Parients are expected to get well or go somewhere else (a hospice, home or the emergency room) to die. That is why doctors and nurses got overwhelmed.

Of course i got a hint of that when I was told removing a cancer from my nose was considered “elective surgery.”

On another topic: How does commerce morph into proselityzing or vice versa. Is commerce just an objective rendition of persuasion? Evidence of success? How/where does power enter into a transaction? Think of the objectivication presented by the bread and wine. Does acceptance or receipt represent subordination –“if you partake of my flesh and blood you are now mine”?