In response to freewayblogger

OK. But, being a purist, I want to object that printed words are not speech. What you are doing is operating a home made press. Which is also protected against interference by agents of government. You’re making big flyers.

The other problem I have is that, while passengers in a vehicle have an opportunity to take in your messages, the operators of vehicles should have their eyes on the road. So perhaps large volumes of single occupancy vehicles during rush hour are perhaps not the best target. Perhaps scenic areas where travelers are surprised and pleased to see something addressed to them might be better.
A new target for your messaging?

Now the second question:
Why did we all go so quietly?
The answer to your question is that the culture of obedience, which inhibits your anger, has been four decades in the making, ever since the powers that be discovered that universal suffrage and the termination of the gold standard and FOIA had consequences they did not intend or anticipate.
For example, when black Americans insisted on equal civil rights, hardly anyone anticipated that women would insist on their own bank accounts, their right to acquire credit cards in their own name and to buy houses and farms and enterprises in their own name. In addition, hardly anyone anticipated that youths and women would not vote as the head of the household advised. Richard Nixon, for sure, did not anticipate the effect of the quantity of the money supply being no longer limited by the amount of gold in Fort Knox.
Yes, the example of Germans toting marks in wheel barrows to buy bread served as a warning not to print dollar bills with abandon. But, it took experiments in price controls (Nixon) gigantic interest rates (Reagan) for Congress to finally settle on limiting outlays to military hardware, farm supports and transportation trust funds to insure that the supply would be restricted enough to insure that banks could thrive on interest rates. 1991 was probably when the ideal was reached with the Treasury borrowing dollars for thirty years at a guatanteed rate of 8.1%. At 7% the principal doubles every ten years.
Similarly, nobody anticipated what would happen when those thirty year bonds would expire and the base interest rate charged by the Federal Reserve is close to zero. The answer, supposedly demanded by the viral pandemic, is that the Treasury should just distribute currency as quickly as possible. Why? Because currency is absolutely worthless, if it is not moving through the economy and fact is that the rate has been sluggish since 2009 when the Senate determined that Obama should fail be depriving the country of cash.
Putting instruments of debt into less secure instruments of debt (commercial stocks and bonds) does not get the currency moving through the economy. Consumer short term debt does, but since people got burnt in 2009 and beyond, they have been reluctant to commit to anything but necessities. The Treasury soaking up education debt because local lenders had been irresponsible has not helped because it just left local lenders with less income and no eager borrowers.
Unintended consequences. The culture of obedience has been trying to stuff the citizenry back in the bottle by gradually depriving them of the necessities of life by rationing the currency. It has not and is not going to succeed. People have been feeling squeezed and then George Floyd provided a visual and a lot of people woke up and said “yes, that’s what they’ve been doing to us.”
When you are down to your last breath resistance is futile. Cognition is long gone. I think there is something grossly ironic in having installed a moron to head up the demise of the culture of obedience. Nobody else was willing to confront the deluge.