Portland Mom’s Question

“Who cares about the building? We’re talking about human lives.”

U.S. law is fixated on property, that which belongs to humans, rather than the humans themselves. It is, IMHO, one of the persistent consequences of having defined juveniles, wives and slaves as property. Perhaps ownership was to be manifest as obligation and care, but that is not how it worked out. The homestead program assumed that ownership would prompt stewardship. It doesn’t. I suspect the reason is that mobility/migration is a higher priority. Mobility is the essence of freedom/liberty. So, efforts to trick people into staying where they can be controlled are bound to fail eventually. Anthropologists and archeologists keep telling us that cities were abandoned because the residents were driven out. What if warfare is but an excuse to leave home? What if sales are just an excuse to go travelling? What if commuting is just an excuse to gad about? Why must we make excuses to hit the road? Because other people want us to stay in place. Why? It makes it easier to exploit us. Property exists to be exploited.