Megalomania is considered by some psychiatrists as heightened narcissism but, it is claimed, it has fallen out of favor as a diagnosis. Is somehow associated with a super ego and an omnipotent father? What I want to know is, if psychiatrists are of medical (physical substances) intervention being effective, why do they not posit a physical cause for the peculiar behaviors? Is that another example of the primacy of ideology — thinking is more important than physical reality?

More musing.
The swiftboaters were initially aimed at GWB on behalf of McCain. When McCain failed to get the nomination, they were redirected against Kerry. I am not sure that Steve Schmidt was on board in 2004, but he did work for McCain in 2008 and brought us Sarah Palin. I also do not know the extent to which the crash of 2008 was engineered, only that it was and the timing was wrong. Obama had too much time to capitalize and propose a solution before McCain. Of course, when Obama was elected the infusion of money to stop the bleeding had to be stopped. Then the deprivation to try to strangle the economy had to be maintained. Time is not the Cons’ friend. They so often miscalculate. It is possible that conservatism is nothing but a rear guard action against the passage of time. Anyway, McCain was not a nice person but he had good instincts for self preservation. The Lincoln Project people have realized that the people who have $70 billion a year to waste on lottery tickets can be tapped to support the lifestyles to which they are accustomed. Poor Donald has to be thrown overboard because he is insane.