Antagonism with an ideological base

Why would Republicans want to suppress voter participation? Because they are committed to a stratified society in which sperior people tell inferior people what to do. Why now? Because, although the Constitution declared that “the people …govern” in practice only a small percentage of the population made the rules that the majority was expected to follow. TRADITION.

First women and then brown and black people objected to being excluded from doing their civic duties and the laws were changed by people who probably thought that prohibiting duties was sort of silly because when the prohibitions were lifted, the majority would be just as lazy as the minority and nothing much would change. And for a while the predictions were right. Wives took the advice of fathers and spouses and children respected their parents until they got tired of being sent off to die in foreign lands for no good reason.

Hiding the returning coffins did not deceive them. Even Private Bonespur’s evasion of military servitude seemed somewhat attractive. Of course all of his virtues have now been eclipsed by bodies of the prematurely dead piling up in trailers. The majority is suffering from more lies than ever.