What’s the Matter with the Police

It looks like what happened when police forces were mandated to integrate females into their ranks, the physical “standards” they had reliec on rather arbitrarily to keep women out were relaxed, though that was not required, to the point where physically unfit males could be accepted into the force.

In other words, Tom and Steve’s buddies were recruited even though their physical and mental aptitude was/is questionable. The brothers took care of that my adjusting the training to the point where the only significant criterion for retention is the ability to follow directions and, to cover any errors, interactions with civilians require immediate back-ups. This would seem to account for the arrival of multiple patrol cars whenever there is a call for service or even a traffic stop. And the installation of video cameras has made the need for ass-covering even worse.

Why are our police departments full of wimps? The preservation of the fraternity demands it.