On Being Suckered

Develop is a synonym for destroy. In practice it means knock something down and hope somebody builds something better and new. That is what a community development department is designed to do. All the County Administrator cares about are the fees being collected with each application that is accepted. That our public servants have an obligation to promote health, safety and welfare by prohibiting negative impacts on people and places does not register with either the administrator or the commission. Indeed, they do not even care if projects prove infeasible as long as they and the various consultants have collected their fees. It is said “there’s a sucker born every minute.” How many milions has Anschutz been suckered into paying to move sand around on Sea Island so the ocean can wash it away?

Now someone has suggested to Anschutz that it would be a good idea to raze 16 little commercial enterprises in order to build himself a museum for his Western Art. The IPC has, of course. voted to approve this preposterous proposal because they have been blinded by dollar signs. Imagine putting an art collection within a few hundred feet of the Atlantic Ocean.