News from down under, aka Alachua

The instagram account is a bit unfriendly in that it demands a log in after a while, offers to use FB, but then insists on user names it rejects for a variety of reasons.

Hi Hannah,
I have an interesting encounter to relate. I post photos on Instagram of some of the projects I’m working on, as well as cool insects and others. On Tuesday I had a young Russian start follow me, and then he messaged me to start a conversation. Needless to say, I was curious as to why a Russian was reaching out to me. I did a cursory check of his account and noted that he is a 19yo Med student in Kemerovo Siberia. So, I allowed the conversation to begin and had a long (most of the rest of the day) conversation with this youngster about the weather, learning, school, and English. I finally asked him how he found me and he responded that he had seen my microscope and was interested to see if it was worth the time and effort to build. Note that he is 11 hours ahead and our conversation began at about 2pm and didn’t really end until I told him I had to go to bed at 2am! Not that we talked the whole time mind you, this is texting so a 20 min spat of conversation and 30-60 min of nothing. He seems to be an interesting and thoughtful youngster, and egger to learn so it’s hard to not respond. He sent me some photos and video today of his bus ride to work and it looked a lot like the marshes of Glynn.

Kemerovo looks to be in central Siberia, north of Mongolia. Not in the West like Severodvinsk. Google streetview has been there and identified quite a few schools, academies and two airfields.

I called Yoho’s Gainesville office twice on Tuesday with no answer after 20 rings. I decided to call the DC office and they answered after 3-4 rings. I told them I had seen reports about an interaction between Representative Yoho and Congress woman Ocasio-Cortez, and if true then I request the following 2 actions. 1 an immediate apology to Rep Ocasio-Cortez, and 2 his immediate resignation. The woman on the phone proclaimed that it was a misunderstanding and that Yoho “Didn’t use the words quoted”. I told them that the manner of the interaction was unacceptable and I stand by my statement, thank you. It was shortly after this call that I received the message from Maxim which was part of my curiosity about a sudden contact from Russia. 🙂
I received an email at work this morning from Yoho thanking me for the call. Note, I didn’t give them my email so they have an extensive database with my name, email, and cell phone number correlated (Thanks for the call, we know who you are). hmmmm